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RCGD Global releases ‘Greening the Red Carpet: The RCGD Global Framework & Sustainable Style Guide’, a free resource and interactive guide to encourage and help citizens make more conscious choices on the red carpet and beyond. The comprehensive guide delivers an insightful, informative and accessible glimpse into the many ways the global apparel industry, from citizens and stylists to brands and communities, can participate on the red carpet and beyond. We are proud to share that we created a bespoke sustainable fashion guide for the 95th Annual Academy Awards, the first of its kind!

For us, since 2009, red carpet fashion has always been an essential platform for the sustainability movement. The sheer volume of global attention that fashion on the red carpet garners guarantees that messages regarding environmental and social issues will be far-reaching and impactful. Furthermore, spotlighting sustainability on the red carpet demonstrates that creativity, edge, beauty, innovation and quality do not need to be compromised when we make sustainable fashion choices.

From the red carpet, there is an opportunity to demonstrate design-led sustainability and spread inspiration worldwide. Every time a photographer captures an image, or a journalist asks, “What are you wearing?” there is a chance to spread a positive message to create dialogue and reshape ideals. It all starts with a single idea or reflection. Our conversation started with a moment for our founder Suzy Amis Cameron back in 2009, and has led to this movement. We have a simple request: begin to question what you’re wearing and why, and you will undoubtedly find your way into the sustainability movement and dialogue.

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Greening the Red Carpet: The RCGD Global Framework & Sustainable Style Guide is divided into fourteen sections, each explaining a plethora of sustainability issues in the fashion industry, whilst providing readers with solutions for their own apparel choices. Written by RCGD to be as helpful as possible, the guide provides tangible ways to making a difference, no matter how small, alongside key criteria to look for when selecting a garment.

You may view a non-interactive version of the guide here and a two-page summary version here.

“With this guide we really sought to consolidate our deep knowledge and shed insight. The conversation about sustainable dressing on the red carpet too often falls on only one or two areas, vintage and rewearing, or sustainable textiles. These are definitely great ways to participate, there is a world of more out there. This is just a glimpse into what is possible. Plus, what you find in here is applicable across all apparel choices, not just red carpet ones so you can make impact…everyday!”

– Suzy Amis Cameron

Numerous talents have stood with RCGD at the Oscars and over the past 14 years, our ambassadors for sustainable style on the red carpet have included talents such as Suzy Amis Cameron, James Cameron, Billie Eilish, Henry Cavill, Zoe Saldana, Tati Gabrielle, Kaitlyn Dever, Léa Seydoux, Missi Pyle, Naomie Harris, Sophie Turner, Emma Roberts, Priyanka Bose, Lakeith Stanfield, Zoey Deutch, Camila Alves, Danielle Macdonald and Laura Harrier.

The RCGD campaign works with a diverse and inclusive range of talent to ensure that we remain inspiring and reflect the world around us as accurately as possible. We believe that representation should be the standard, not the exception. Take a look at some of our collaborations on the Oscars red carpet here.

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For many people, the red carpet is synonymous with prestige, status, celebrity, ceremony, and a whole lot of pomp and circumstance. But did you know that every person has their own red carpet moment? And that moment can become part of your sustainable fashion movement? Whether it is your wedding, a significant life-stage celebration or a moment you want to stand out, there is always an opportunity to shine a light on sustainability. And if your red carpet moment happens to be The Oscars or the MET Gala..that is cool too!

Our guide covers topics including traditional and innovative textiles, sustainable dye practices, inclusivity and representation, cultural appreciation and appropriation, labour rights, circularity choices, sustainable styling, the role of stylists, end-of-life choices and value-driven sustainability.

To wrap up, the guide holistically urges citizens, creatives and the industry as a whole to support the introduction of legislation for socially responsible and environmentally conscious policies in their country and to be savvier when selecting apparel. Take a look at our guide, and let us know what you think below!

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We invite you to tag us whenever you have your own sustainable red carpet moment!  Sustainability is often an afterthought in our world, but it should never be one. Whether you’re planning your wedding or celebrating a significant life-stage event, there’s always room to make sustainability part of what makes this moment memorable and special – because when we do that…we shine a light on solutions!

In order to provide a call to action, the guide’s extended (23 page) edition drops with the news of RCGD Global’s partnership with Glamhive, an end-to-end, online platform providing personalised styling services worldwide. With this collaboration, Glamhive’s network of stylists will receive a copy of ‘Greening the Red Carpet: The RCGD Global Framework & Sustainable Style Guide’ to read and share with their clients, encouraging more conscious style choices.

Moreover, Glamhive will offer 10% off with the promo code RCGD10 to customers booking a sustainable stylist.

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We would love to see as many red carpets providing our summary guide to guests who are interested in dressing sustainably. Please get in touch to help us amplify this work through styleguide@rcgdglobal.com.