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The RCGD App

Right now the fashion industry remains glued to its phone, and it wouldn’t be a stretch to say you can access a plethora of information about sustainability from the palm of your hand. Launched on the 22nd April 2021, the RCGD App will offer an easy interface and exclusive window into the world of sustainability for a global community of learners and experts, fashion folk and non-fashion folk, and anyone purely curious about how sustainability and fashion are connected!

What To Expect

The RCGD App will provide a platform to connect with design talent around the globe and build a community dedicated to promoting and discussing sustainability. The app will feature original, never-seen-before content and the latest in RCGD’s work, in addition to industry news, bringing editorially-driven content right to users’ fingertips. Through its work, RCGD speaks to the global design community, designers – emerging and established, textile designers, garment technologists, retail buyers, stylists, fashion PR and the plethora of roles currently working in the global fashion industry. The RCGD App will provide a dynamic platform for these groups to come together for an educational, insightful and entertaining digital experience. The app will be an informative platform to demystify language around sustainability, provide inclusive content and include an engaged fashion community in dialogue, in both an insightful and educational way.

The RCGD App will be organized by a series of sustainably-relevant categories to help users remain informed on the latest sustainable fashion and eco-culture news through the RCGD lens. The new platform will provide insight into the complex and rewarding world of sustainability whilst offering a protected community for members of the global fashion industry. Educational, insightful and entertaining content will include:

* Interviews with sustainability leaders and pioneers
* Message corner with updates on relevant news
* Features and blogs
* Opportunity to chat with like-minded people
* Sustainability tips and resources
* Interaction with games to test knowledge
* Announcements, calendar and event information

Available for download on the iPhone and Android.

Download the RCGD App here: Apple | Android