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Sustainability is about people. It is about communities and their representation. RCGD believes that we can’t just focus on making better things, in a better way if the people we involve in the process are not representative of the world around us, and given platforms to advocate for themselves. One of the ways our campaign has worked for representation is by collaborating with creatives and talents from across the world, who each bring their own unique cultural and global lens to the conversation on the red carpet. We believe that representative collaborations which represent cultural lenses which include ethnicity, age, race and size, speak to a wider audience and include society. To date, our campaign has worked with creatives and emerging talent from around the world including Australia, Brazil, Cambodia, China, France, Ghana, India, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Lebanon, New Zealand, Poland, Puerto Rico, Scotland, Switzerland, UK, Ukraine, USA, Venezuela and Wales. We have collaborated across genders and with people different physical or mental abilities. Community representation matters to us, with 42% of our talent ambassadors representing the BIPOC community. There is a yawning gap in the way that the sustainability community can step up to better represent the various scopes of culture. We look forward to sharing the ways in which we believe cultural sustainability will play a pivotal role in the sustainability landscape of the future.




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