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About Our Club

Sustainability with RCGD is a space for learning, connecting & growing. Rooted in education & factual content, our club provides an accessible breakdown of sustainability, the opportunities & challenges. We love sustainability which centres people, business and planet. All people are welcome, curious listeners, creatives, brands big or small, NGOs and organisations creating positive environmental and social impact across the globe, innovators creating accessible solutions for global communities across to sustainability learners and curious listeners. For RCGD, sustainability equally influences the questions we ask and their answers. The impetus for these questions and the significance of their answers is rooted in how the earth, its resources, and its communities are being affected. If the answers are unsustainable or have a negative impact, then we acknowledge that we will not be able to sustain what the industry is doing for very long, and must try to redirect towards alternative solutions.

What To Expect

Our core themes include:

Roundtable – Expert discussions
Pass The Mic – Share your thoughts on a concept
RCGD Download – A course in learning
Welcome & Community Meet

* Authentic conversations about sustainability
* Diving into topics like circularity, climate change, biodiversity, technology, social justice, design & more
* Insight into RCGD at the Oscars & RCGD Global Design Contest opportunities for global creatives (established/emerging)
* Chats about design solutions from materials to dyes
* Collaboration talks & lively networking
* Drop-ins from the community including CEO Samata, founder Suzy Amis Cameron & a variety of brilliant minds (including you!)
* Community vibe sessions and joy


Hosted by our team which includes CEO Samata Pattinson, Founder Suzy Amis Cameron, Head of Sustainable Partnerships Jonathan Pattinson, and other guest moderators we get together weekly:

Tues / Thurs / Sun
9pm GMT
1pm PT
4pm ET
* Schedule published weekly

Previous & Upcoming Guests

Suzy Amis Cameron, Founder Red Carpet Green Dress
Tiffany Haddish, Actor and Entrepreneur
Harold Weghorst, TENCEL Global Head of Branding
Mindy Scheier, Founder of the Runway Dreams Foundation & Gamut Management
Illana Adamson, Founder and CEO of Be Better
Alden Wicker, Eco Cult Founder
Maxine Bedat, The New Standard Institute
Marci Zaroff, ECOlifestyle entrepreneur
Micaela Erlanger, Celebrity stylist and author (Lupita N’yongo, Meryl Streep, Shailene Woodley)


New schedule coming up!

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Tues / Thurs / Sun
9pm GMT
1pm PT
4pm ET
Schedule published weekly

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