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We recently worked out that our campaign has collaborated with designers and film talent from over 20 countries! Now, more than ever, we want to make sure that our work speaks to all of you, where you are in the world. This survey will help us to do that, and do it in a way that makes our global community feel, and be, included. We would appreciate your participation in this short survey to help us along our way!

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A Short Guide on How to Green Your Wardrobe This Spring

As the COVID-19 situation unfolds outside, times are more proving testing for millions of restless people sitting at home. In response, many are starting to take on new hobbies, and get creative during quarantine. Whilst being able to stay safely at home and even get bored is a privilege, if you have the time, why not use it to green your wardrobe and organise your way into a more sustainable lifestyle? After all, it’s spring in the northern hemisphere which is traditionally the best time for cleaning.

Here are a few reasons why you should curate your wardrobe during this time:

1. It will make you more mindful of your wardrobe
It’s healthy to do a closet overhaul every once in a while because it helps you see what you have and reconnect with old treasures (yes, we are still talking about clothes).

2. You can limit your consumption of clothing
Being aware of what you own can help you by preventing shopping for duplicates or unnecessary additional items. This also means saving time, money, and, ultimately, the world’s resources.

3. It can shift your focus to longevity
Once you have a curated wardrobe, you can then focus on looking after the pieces of clothing you own, making the best of them for as long as possible. Plus, this new perspective often encourages you to buy more consciously the next time around, looking for items that will last.

4. You can save time and energy in the mornings
A curated wardrobe equals fewer options to drive you crazy with choices when getting dressed (even if you aren’t off anywhere very special right now). You already own the things that work best for you!

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YES AND Digital Earth Day Summit

Red Carpet Green Dress Founder Suzy Amis Cameron and CEO Samata to celebrate the 50th anniversary of #EarthDay with sustainable lifestyle summit, YES AND Digital Earth Day. The event will take place on April 22 530pm EST and is free to register, so please join the RCGD leaders in this conversation.

Stepping into a worldwide new chapter — the ECOrenaissance — on the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, ECOfashion Corp is organizing a Digital Earth Day Event on Wednesday April 22nd (EARTH DAY). The purpose of the event is to unite thought-leaders with a common passion for co-creating a sustainable world and to lead a larger conversation across industries including food, beauty, wellness and fashion. ECOfashion Corp are creating a compelling, virtual event that will draw a global audience.

The summit will be curated and hosted by ECOlifestyle pioneer, Founder & CEO of ECOfashion Corp and author of ecoRenaissance, Marci Zaroff, alongside actress, supermodel and fashion activist Amber Valletta and other pioneers. See full lineup below and click image to sign up for free!

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Eco-warriors, we have just the game for you…

Question – have you ever randomly wondered exactly how much your wardrobe is impacting the planet? Earlier this year online thrift store ThredUp launched a useful tool that calculates just how much your fashion habits impact the environment, based on what’s in your wardrobe. The newly debuted Fashion Footprint Calculator by ThredUP and Green Story involves answering 11 questions, starting with how many items customers buy each year, whether you use rental platforms and how many times you return online-bought clothing items. It also asks users about laundry habits, whether they dry clean, and if they ever purchase from sustainable fashion brands. Using this information, the calculator then identifies your individual fashion footprint and compares it to the average consumer, who contributes a whopping 1,620 pounds of carbon emissions per year only through their fashion choices.
The company’s new Fashion Footprint Calculator also shares the best ways to reduce that footprint, with explanations about how these actions make a direct impact. The fashion industry produces more harmful carbon emissions than the aviation and shipping industries combined. New apparel production releases 4M tons of harmful carbon emissions annually, contributing more than 8% of global greenhouse emissions. We all know that the single best thing we can do for the planet is consume less and reuse more, and we love this tool because it both educates and provides advice on how we can all do better. The calculator makes the problems we face on our individual quests to be eco-warriors a little less challenging. Take a look.

P.S I Made This…

Be it the UK’s knitting revival, the proliferation of global DIY sites like P.S I Made This and I Fix It, US brand Patagonia’s garment repair kits for customers or new technological innovations that make our relationship to clothes more intimate – a more creative, individual and sustainable approach to clothing is emerging. Whether it’s making garments by hand or understanding our surroundings more through our clothes, the future looks more personal for fashion. When it comes to creative distractions during this challenging time, we absolutely love this P.S I Made This…

The innovative lifestyle brand founded by Erica Domesek is the ultimate destination for customization and personalization. Domesek’s mission is to inspire and empower people around the globe to cultivate their inner-creativity and embrace the ever-growing do-it-yourself (DIY) way of life. Born from Erica’s passion for hand-making beautiful objects and accessories that make everyday life more beautiful and fun, the brand launched as a website in 2009.

Shortly thereafter, Elle Magazine dubbed Erica “Fashion’s Queen of DIY”. With a focus on stylish living with a personal touch, features hundreds of projects that feature clear, step-by-step instructions and vivid inspiration alongside exciting digital content, as well as a guide to the essential products and tools that encourage you to roll up your sleeves, get crafty, and dive into DIY.

We encourage you to dive in and try something at home, you might surprise yourself!