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  • Sustainability and web3 are centre stage at The Oscars, using Institute of Digital Fashion [IoDF] formula to aggregate change and bring these important topics to the masses.

  • Challenging fashion’s pain points, three champions of sustainable fashion initiatives join forces to showcase at The Oscars; innovation and creativity aligned all with a key message, that digital is a tool for a more sustainable future.

  • An Oscars First: Digital Fashion worn at the Oscars 2023, led by globally renowned innovators Institute of Digital Fashion, famed for dressing celebrities on the red carpet in digital fashion – in partnership with RCGD Global & CLO Virtual Fashion.

  • Green [digital] fashion on the red carpet, crafted and conceptualised by industry innovators Institute of Digital Fashion [IoDF]; merging new technology with green sustainable materials; presenting an IRL x URL design for the first time live at The Oscars 2023 with sustainability initiative RCGD Global, formerly known as Red Carpet Green Dress.

  • Process; Using Clo3d through the design, to build a digital fashion moment, based on a Zac Posen custom couture [sustainable] gown made of TENCEL™ LUXE, a wood-based biodegradable filament that is often regarded as an alternative to silk.

  • Innovating The Oscars 2023: Institute of Digital Fashion [IoDF] presents a digital garment, created in CLO and inspired by the craftsmanship of a Zac Posen custom couture gown and the sustainable efforts implemented by RCGD Global, in view of sharing digital solutions to the pain points of physical fashion and event dressing.

  • Institute of Digital Fashion [IoDF] digitally dressed Bailey Bass, a rising star in Hollywood, at The Oscars in a 1 of 1 digital fashion garment that blends technology and sustainability.


Digital Atelier Custom Couture Gown 

Los Angeles, USA: The future of fashion and film collide during this year’s Oscars Ceremony as Gen Z star of Avatar: The Way of The Water, Bailey Bass, is digitally dressed by Web3 innovators, Institute of Digital Fashion. On the red carpet you will see Bailey Bass wearing both the IRL biodegradable Zac Posen custom couture gown layered with a bespoke digital couture garment created by IoDF, in an official partnership with RCGD Global and CLO. The Zac Posen gown is made of TENCEL™ LUXE, a  wood-based biodegradable filament that is often regarded as an alternative to silk.

IoDF are recognised globally for their red carpet activations and challenging the discourse on sustainability in the industry having digitally dressed celebrities in bespoke digital fashion. Using these moments to draw attention to important issues, demystifying web3 use cases for a wider audience.

Since first taking over the red carpet in London for The Fashion Awards in 2021, presenting a World’s First by bringing the metaverse, web3 and sustainability to the red carpet at one of London’s major cultural events, IoDF have earned 6 industry firsts.

Now, they’re going stateside and have partnered with the official Oscars sustainability partner, RCGD Global and the world’s leading digital fashion solutions provider CLO to bring another IRL x URL red carpet activation to a global audience.

RCGD Global, IoDF and CLO at The Oscars: A Cultural Milestone for Digital Fashion

The digital storytelling for The Oscars in collaboration with RCGD Global, IoDF and CLO marks a pivotal moment in the world of digital fashion, as The Oscars provide a global platform to initiate discourse around sustainability and digital innovation. As proud leaders of this conversation, the collaborators aim to share the process behind digital creation and the opportunities of digital fashion with the world.

As the first digital fashion house to present digital garments on the red carpet back in 2021 at The Fashion Awards in London, IoDF are now continuing their pioneering narrative by harnessing the voices of the industry to emphasise the importance of their mission and reach a wider audience through a partnership with RCGD Global and CLO.

Behind the IRL garment 

Bailey Bass represented Suzy Amis Cameron’s RCGD Global initiative in collaboration with TENCEL™, as she shined on the red carpet at 95th Academy Awards ® wearing a  Zac Posen custom couture gown made from TENCEL™ LUXE filament yarn from Toyoshima Mill. The Zac Posen custom couture gown was created using only four cuts of fabric, this ethereal couture piece is a simplistic gesture – a cream, open-back bias halter gown, with off the shoulder cuffed poet sleeves.

Bailey Bass is an American actress starring as T’sireya in blockbuster and Oscars nominated ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’. Styled by Andrew Gelwicks, Bailey Bass wore a Zac Posen custom couture gown. Zac Posen holds a long-standing tradition of dressing young starlets for major red carpet events. Both New York natives, Zac was inspired by Bailey’s poise and confidence and wanted to create a dress that emulated this. Using sustainable materials in partnership with RCGD Global, this gown displays Bailey’s natural beauty and the will to preserve the beauty of nature.

Partnering for a fourth consecutive year at the 95th Academy Awards ® the RCGD Global and TENCEL™ annual partnership produces occasionwear using renewable cellulose-based sources of 100% botanic origin. To qualify as a RCGD Global eco-conscious garment, each piece should be made from sustainable materials – including organic, recycled or repurposed fibres. Other features include using hand-made craftsmanship details or small local production with a dedicated focus on minimal negative impact on the environment and people. The campaign focuses on social elements of sustainability including human resources, community impact, value cycle and legal frameworks.

Bringing Sustainability to The Oscars’ Red Carpet, through digital innovation

The partnership between RCGD Global, IoDF and CLO aims to open up the conversation between physical and digital designers, sparking discourse around how digital fashion can be a tool for activating more environmentally conscious practices. The cross collaboration illustrates how encompassing the power of digital can amplify the creative vision of the physical.

IoDF works closely with the key stakeholders across the industry to establish a transparent narrative and clear understanding of the ways digital can relieve the exasperated cycles of production and consumption leading to further global pollution. As leaders in the fight for more sustainable practices in fashion, IoDF considers the ecology of our times, the technology of our times and the societal changes that are happening right now, functioning by listening and responding to the environment in which we operate – pushing digital as a sustainable solution.

RCGD Global have been implementing sustainable approaches to event dressing since 2009, releasing a comprehensive handbook on sustainable dressing called “The RCGD Global Framework & Sustainable Style Guide.” Since their inception RCGD has not only been promoting environmentally friendly dressing for celebrities but also actively educating emerging and established designers alike to rethink their creative processes to be more conscious of the planet.

Utilising CLO, IoDF have worked alongside RCGD Global and renowned designer, Zac Posen to develop a process of garment creation which facilitates the sampling of fabrics, cuts and colours, without producing any physical waste. This collaboration ultimately endeavours to solve some of the pain points of fashion’s uneasy relationship with off cut waste – championing tech, creativity and sustainability simultaneously.


“Our activation for The Oscars 2023 with RGCD Global and CLO continues our legacy of IoDF bridging the digital together with the physical on the red carpet, it’s a moment where web3 and sustainability align under the spotlight and for the masses, it’s integral that we bring these conversations on sustainability to the forefront, such events are the perfect launchpad for the important topics that shroud our industry, that of sustainability and over consumption”  – IoDF Co-Founder & CEO, Leanne Elliott-Young

“Our work at IoDF champions digital craftsmanship and explores the synergy between IRL x URL design, we believe in the digital and physical working together in unison. We are intent on educating how technology can build more sustainable and innovative practices for fashion.” – IoDF Co-Founder & CEO, Leanne Elliott-Young

“It’s integral for there to be cross collaboration between lead innovators in the field, this is the only way change occurs, for The Oscars 2023, we’ve partnered with the key players to push for a more innovative approach to the sustainable fashion discourse.” – IoDF Co-Founder & CEO, Leanne Elliott-Young

 “Our mission is to re shape the preconceived notions of sustainability practices, and push that to the next level, we can reduce the carbon footprint of fashion, and also show the beauty that comes from combining art, fashion and technology”  – IoDF Co-Founder & CEO, Leanne Elliott-Young

“Demystifying the metaverse is a core challenge for us, but a greater one is building use cases that showcase technologies benefits to the fashion industry, especially ones that push through the pain points on over consumption and sustainability in fashion” –  IoDF Co-Founders Leanne Elliott Young

“CLO is a proud partner of IoDF, which we have utilised within our IRL x URL Learning Academy. The software allows for ease of sampling, creative expression and exploring endless possibilities with zero impact on the environment. As someone who has used the tool for years, from being self taught during university to creating the worlds first 3D fashion asset,  to later being integral to my practice within IoDF,  at this point more importantly it’s integral to the industry at large to be aware of tools like CLO to implement into their everyday design practices and push for a more sustainable future.” –  IoDF Co-Founder Creative Director, Cattytay

“We brought our mission to the masses by dropping it on the red carpet” – IoDF Co-Founder Creative Director, Cattytay

“The Oscars is a space to celebrate cinematic masterpieces, worldbuilding and storytelling which captures our imagination. IoDF are renowned for bringing the metaverse to the red carpet. Our digitally couture garment that compliments Zac Posen’s custom couture gown experiments with ideas, shapes, and materiality that goes beyond physical possibilities. We wanted to illustrate how digital layering, such as this garment for Bailey Bass, can entirely diversify and inject new vitality into the wider conversations around the event, and highlight the importance of physical and digital fashion working together.” – IoDF Co-Founder Creative Director, Cattytay


“We are really excited to collaborate with the Institute of Digital Fashion to bring Zac Posen, TENCEL and Bailey Bass together for an Oscars gown in the metaverse. It’s incredible how technology is changing the way we understand the art of fashion design, the world, and the amazing opportunities digital storytelling can provide when it comes to educating on the topics of sustainability.  Even our label in her gown by VeriSwype allows the story of the gown to be told.” – RCGD Global


“We’re thrilled to showcase how technology can be used in concert with traditional craftsmanship and design to create a transformative Oscars gown that is sustainable and pushes the bounds of reality. In collaboration with RCGD Global, IoDF, and Zac Posen, we’re able to create a fashion experience that brings together our physical and digital worlds. 99% of the people viewing the dress are seeing it through their screens, so we can leverage digital design technology to enhance the experience, bring the garment to a new dimension, and just have fun experimenting with fashion in a completely sustainable, zero-waste way.” – CLO Brand Communications Manager, Victoria Wang


“Leveraging digital technology to reduce carbon footprint and drive sustainable development in fashion is a key priority in TENCEL™’s journey towards net-zero. The partnership with RCGD Global, CLO and Institute of Digital Fashion is a perfect example to showcase how technologies such as 3D design can help unleash the full potential of zero-waste design practices. Together, we are pushing the boundaries of design through integration of the virtual and physical fashion world. TENCEL™ will continue to work with like-minded partners to champion our sustainable vision and drive real change for the textile and fashion industry.” – Global Vice President of Marketing and Branding at Lenzing AG, Harold Weghorst


“I’m thrilled to have partnered with RCGD Global on this amazing eco-conscious gown. For me this piece exudes minimalist glamour and highlights Bailey’s youth and natural beauty. I wanted to create something that was enjoyable for her to wear and felt like second skin, allowing her to glide through the room with grace and ease.” – Zac Posen


Standing as an emblem for change, Institute of Digital Fashion [IoDF] are creating the new vocabulary for fashion’s metaverse futures. Providing world-class immersive digital solutions, strategies and innovations, IoDF is pushing for a more inclusive, sustainable and diverse IRL x URL reality.

Through AR, VR, UX, NFTs, digital try-ons, research papers and metaverse consultancy, IoDF delivers innovations that take the industry beyond its comfort zones, building 360 world solutions.

Holding 6 Industry Firsts, IoDF are noted as the global leaders in digital fabrication, IRL x URL experiences, clothing, avatar, environments, diverse digital representation and immersive VR AR and WebXR. Born to push tech-use toward a more democratic and sustainable future, IoDF offers a platform and manifesto to restructure how technology and digital are used from creation to consumer. Via education, activations and discourse, IoDF’s work is moving the industry beyond its hierarchical traditions.

IoDF’s World’s Firsts include:

IoDF x Machine-A: “World’s first shoppable AR for multi brand retail”

IoDF x August Getty Atelier: “World’s first modelled digital showcase, at Paris Haute Couture.”

IoDF x London Fashion Week: “World’s first wearable digital collection at London Fashion Week”

IoDF x Daz3D: “World’s first Non binary fully rigged 3D asset – digital double”

IoDF x ROKSANDA: “World’s first AR wearable NFT sold in £ not crypto for London Fashion Week.

IoDF x Fashion Awards 2021: “World’s first NFT & Web3 digital fashion experience on the red carpet during Fashion Awards 2021”

Noted by Vogue Runway as ‘The masterminds behind fashion’s transition to the metaverse’, IoDF’s Co-Founders Leanne Elliott Young and Cattytay hold various global accolades including: ‘Vogue Business 100 Innovators’, ‘Vogue Poland Global Vogue Leaders’ and ‘Vogue Greece Industry Changemakers’ alongside more. The duo are key voices in Web3 and are building future proof solutions that are  inclusive, diverse, decentralised and sustainable.


RCGD Global is a women-led global change-making organization working from ‘moment’ to movement, bringing global cultural sustainability to the forefront of conversation and action within the fashion and design world. Celebrating its 14th year of the Red Carpet Green Dress campaign initiative at the Oscars, RCGD Global was initially conceived as a design contest by Suzy Amis Cameron (actress, environmental advocate, and author) when faced with the lack of ethical fashion choices while attending global premieres of husband James Camerons’ ‘Avatar’. The organizations’ work has since developed to include collaborations with global and small independent brands, partnerships delivering sustainable design solutions such as regenerative materials, educational work with the emerging design community – including workshops, internships and work experience, and international design contest initiatives. Alongside a consultancy offering, RCGD Global’s R & D division delivers thought-leadership work for the industry, working with leading institutions such as Institute for Sustainability Leadership, University of Cambridge and University of California, Berkeley.

RCGD Global works to draw attention to the importance of more sustainable practices in the design world and to be part of bringing those solutions to a global, culturally diverse market. Leading fashion houses including Louis Vuitton, Vivienne Westwood, Armani, Elie Saab, Swarovski, Christian Siriano, Bulgari, Dunhill and Reformation have joined the campaign to create sustainable red carpet wear. Celebrities including Sophie Turner, Laura Harrier, Emma Roberts, Marlee Matlin, Danielle MacDonald, LaKeith Stanfield, Camila Alves, and Naomie Harris have joined the campaign as representatives of its Oscars red carpet green dress initiative. RCGD Global’s work has been featured in VOGUE, Vanity Fair, W Magazine, People, The Hollywood Reporter, WWD, Washington Post, Harper’s Bazaar, Refinery29, The Guardian, ELLE, LA Times, The New York Times, Business of Fashion amongst others, across over 100 countries.

Red Carpet Green Dress unveiled its rebrand to RCGD Global in 2022, to fully encompass the multitude of spaces that the organization exists in with a focus on four core pillars:

> Collaborating with respected and mainstream platforms to foster sustainable conversations and action

> Developing accessible sustainable design solutions which create real effective change

> Being part of creating a more socially fair, equitable and representative industry

> Helping to find language to create change


Evolved from the word “clothing,” CLO Virtual Fashion’s mission is to empower every step of the garment journey, from concept to design, manufacturing to marketing, and fitting to styling. With more than 20 years of research and development in accurate garment simulation, CLO is leading the market by digitally creating, merging, and converging all aspects related to digital garments through our state-of-the-art 3D Cloth Simulation Algorithm.

CLO’s ecosystem includes 3D garment design software, digital asset management, and a collaborative design platform, along with consumer-facing offerings such as e-commerce virtual fittings. All of CLO’s products and services are interconnected to create a seamless user experience.

With CLO’s newest 7.1 software launch, users can design garments faster, easier, and more accurately than before, creating hyper-realistic virtual clothing that can be transported into entertainment, games, the metaverse, and real life.

CLO has launched several new initiatives to push the fashion industry forward, including virtual try-on services and showrooms, a Metaverse Converting Service, and a Web3-powered digital fashion marketplace. CLO is confident that its technology will power the future of everything related to garments, and is excited to build it together with its user community.


Zac Posen is known globally for his design technique in artisanal craftsmanship, anatomical construction, and textile manipulation. Raised in New York, Zac began his design training early. He attended London’s Central Saint Martins University in the womenswear degree program. He has received various accolades including Designer of the Year by Women’s Wear Daily and Variety Magazine. Most notably, he is a CFDA award winner and has been bestowed the rare and prestigious membership with the Chambre Syndicale for couture in France.

Worn by leading women including Rihanna, Uma Thurman, First Lady Michelle Obama, Gwyneth Paltrow, Naomi Watts, and Claire Danes, Zac Posen has been a red carpet staple for over two decades. Zac no longer is affiliated with the brand Zac Posen. He currently is personally engaged in projects such as custom couture one-of-a-kind pieces, as well as producing and designing for different entertainment media, including film and television. He looks forward to his next personal engagement as a designer.


TENCEL™ is the flagship brand under The Lenzing Group that covers textile specialty product fibre offerings. Since 1992, the TENCEL™ brand has been driving the evolution of fibre solutions for the apparel and home textile segments through several industry-first innovations and environmentally responsible production processes. Product brands under TENCEL™ include TENCEL™ Active, TENCEL™ Denim, TENCEL™ Home, TENCEL™ Intimate, TENCEL™ LUXE and TENCEL™ for Footwear. Featuring botanic origin and biodegradable quality, TENCEL™ branded modal and lyocell fibres are also gentle on skin with smooth, long-lasting softness, colour vibrancy and colour retention features. TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres are versatile and can be combined with a wide range of textile fibres to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of fabrics. Through moisture management, TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres can also absorb moisture efficiently. Offering endless design possibilities, TENCEL™ Modal fibres can be blended with other fibres and processed using conventional machinery, significantly improving the softness and comfort of fabrics.

TENCEL™ LUXE branded lyocell filament yarn is derived from wood grown in sustainably managed forests, in line with the stringent guidelines of the Lenzing Wood and Pulp Policy. The silk-like continuous filament yarn is produced in an environmentally sound closed-loop process that recycles processed water and reuses the solvent at a recovery rate of more than 99%. Registered with The Vegan Society, TENCEL™ LUXE filament yarn offers with its luxurious touch a botanic, biodegradable alternative to silk. Fabrics containing TENCEL™ LUXE filaments drape beautifully while offering natural comfort. Created to be versatile, TENCEL™ LUXE filaments can be made from 100% TENCEL™ LUXE and also blend superbly with other noble filaments and fibres such as silk, cashmere, linen or wool. TENCEL™ LUXE is a unique filament yarn created for the high-end fashion market under TENCEL™, the textile specialty brand of The Lenzing Group.


Bailey Bass, a native New Yorker, Black and Belarusian actress and producer, began acting and modeling at the age of 2, booking numerous Commercials and high fashion Advertising Campaigns.  At Age 13, she was cast as Tsireya, in Disney & James Cameron’s  Avatar: The Way of Water and then went on to star as Claudia in AMC’s Interview With The Vampire. Previous Credits Include: A Jenkin’s Family Christmas, Law & Order SVU, NBC pilot At That Age and more. Outside of her work acting on-camera, Bailey is a published songwriter, a voice-over artist, a film producer, the founder of BaiBai Jewelry (a slow fashion brand with sustainability at its forefront), and a dedicated earth lover and plant mom. She also speaks Russian and English.



Lydia Birgani-Nia

Head of Partnerships & Acquisition, IoDF


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Instagram: @rcgdglobal @redcarpetgreendress

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Victoria Wang

Brand Communications Manager, CLO

Instagram: @itsclo3d

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