As part of its commitment to reducing its environmental impact and building a legacy of sustainability across its operations, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced a partnership with Red Carpet Green DressTM Global

(RCGD Global) to expand its ongoing sustainability efforts in November 2022.  RCGD Global is a women-founded company that promotes sustainability within the entertainment and design worlds.  The partnership includes adopting the tenets of RCGD Global’s “Sustainable Style Guide,” which provides guidance on sustainable red-carpet fashion.  A bespoke edition of the guide will be distributed in advance to attendees of Academy events this Oscar® season.  The bespoke style guide can be viewed here, and an extended version will be released by RCGD Global later this month.

This March, Oscars guests received guides to dressing sustainably at this year’s event. Ahead of the 95th Academy Awards — which took place at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, California, on Sunday — the environmental group RCGD Global distributed a written guide to dressing ethically and sustainably at the event to all attendees. The guide, which served as an unrequired dress code, was customized for the Oscars by RCGD Global. Find out more about the extended guide here.