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Our planet is becoming warmer, and the majority of scientists across the board agree that this climate change is man-made. Depending on the source, you’ll find more or less optimistic takes on the state of Earth. Still, one thing is quite clear: there’s a lot to be done. And while large companies with heavily polluting practises bear the largest part of the responsibility, there are always little steps that each person can take that will make a lot of difference in the grand scheme of things.

Taking a conscious approach to everyday life can be a little daunting because there’s a lot to be done. Thankfully, there are endless resources to guide you through your process, but it can be difficult to take the first step. With that difficulty in mind, we’ve taken an example from the Climate Justice Playbook for Business to offer a few tips on how to approach your journey into climate justice. We invite you to use these general guidelines to find your way to create more climate-friendly habits that fit your lifestyle.

1. Change your perspective

The first and most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to climate justice is that consciousness is an overhaul in how to see things. Nobody wakes up one day with an entire set of “proper climate conduct” instilled in their brain. However, learning to take climate into account when it comes to smaller life decisions can help us see the “seams” in our everyday practises and ultimately make more informed choices.

2. Consider your specific situation

There are major differences in circumstances between people, and what’s attainable for someone may not be so easy for the person next to them. Think of the steps you can personally take, taking into consideration your time and resources. 

The exercise of considering perspectives is essential not just to understand the scope of what we can do, but also to relate to others in their journey into climate justice. Everyone can add their grain of sand without straining their situation, it’s just a matter of looking into how to go about it.

3. Start small and work your way up

The easiest first step to take is to look into how you can make your everyday home life a little more conscious. Whether you’re recycling more, composting, or decreasing your beef intake, you’re working towards the goal of leading a climate-aware life. These small steps are also a gateway towards bigger life changes, which you can take slowly.

4. Remember every little thing counts

You can strive to lead a completely carbon-neutral life starting tomorrow, or you can take smaller steps like opting to ride your bicycle or walking places instead of using your car. There’s no right way to start, and every single action adds to the improvement of our planet as a whole. 

5. Think of community

Listen to the people around you and their climate concerns, and look into ways to take steps together. Listening is key, as it can allow us to have important conversations about how to tackle climate-related problems in a way that serves our community’s needs.

Forming a community with a common goal (like, for example, joining with your neighbours for a better waste management system) can always have a bigger impact. Conversationally, it’s also a great way to meet like-minded people. 

6. Learn along the way and evolve

Being climate-conscious isn’t about checking boxes: discoveries and technologies are always driving climate justice forward. Instead of adding fixed goals, the key is learning along the way and finding the best way for you to lead a conscious life. 

Generally speaking: do whatever you can in your situation, and take as long as you need to take. Climate justice is a work in progress for all of us, and we’re glad you’re taking your first steps towards it!

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