Have you seen the trailer for the documentary ‘Jarracharra: The Art of Country’ yet? The documentary is currently a work in progress and tells the incredible story of how a group of remote Indigenous fashion enthusiasts from the Bábbarra Women’s Centre in Arnhem Land, a historical region in the Northern Territory of Australia, crowdfunded their way to Paris in 2019! While in Paris, they organised their own exhibition during Fashion Week, did a photoshoot with Vogue and met with major players in the world of fashion and art.

These Bábbarra artists came together in 1989 to create their own label, @BabbarraDesigns after procuring a post-war screen printing press. They specialise in fabrics and textiles that tell the ancestral stories of each artist’s local country and culture. Their success was relatively moderate for decades until their trip to Paris. What an incredible and inspiring journey! We can’t wait to see the full documentary, please see that the trailer can be viewed here.