A journey into sustainable fashion through learning and understanding…

A series of workshops aimed at educating on the topic of sustainability. Curated for beginners, or those who are simply curious and ready to go on a journey of learning and understanding.

Launching on Thursday 8th October 2020
What to expect…

The Workshops will be hosted by RCGD CEO Samata with a range of guest appearances, including RCGD Founder Suzy Amis Cameron, covering key topics including:
Sustainable Design
Responsible Consumption
Fashion’s Impact on Nature
Intersectional Environmentalism – Human Rights & Social Justice
Communications Messaging & Terminology
Garment Care & End of Use
Sustainable Materials and Technologies
Size and Price Inclusivity – Size, Price, Category

Join the live sessions and engage as we go on a journey of understanding. These workshops are for those starting on their journey, who want to get more of an understanding about sustainable fashion.

Workshop 1

This workshop will cover the topic of Sustainable Design and set the landscape for what we mean when we talk about it. We will look at design methods and approaching sustainability through design, educating participants on what to look out for. We will cover an overview of the fashion supply chain, give strong examples of successful sustainable brands and break down the meaning of fast and slow fashion. We will talk about how we consume and what we do with our clothing afterwards and how waste is part of the sustainable design conversation. We will talk certifications and useful platforms for support when and if you are lost or confused.

RCGD CEO Samata will lead the first workshop with subsequent workshops to have a host of guests adding insight and food for thought!

Join us: Thursday 8th October 11AM ET. Tickets are available for $13 through Eventbrite.

See Clothing Differently…

Each workshop is 60 mins long with an interactive Q&A session. Join the live sessions and engage as we go on a journey of understanding. Find out more at www.rcgdglobal.com and sign up here to find out when the next class will go live! Buy your tickets HERE.