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Words from Suzy Amis Cameron…

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Summertime – a moment of pause, reflection, travel and raucous family reunions; at least that’s what it meant to me in years past.  Most of us are wearing facemasks to protect ourselves and others from COVID-19 when we are brave enough to venture outside our homes.  We are picking up signs, protesting in the street for our friends and neighbors – seeking change.  We are a planet of tremendous souls that have experienced grief, fear, loss and so many other emotions and pains throughout the last few months. It makes you wonder, what will summer bring?

In closing, I’m taking a moment to reflect and plan ahead for a better future for our children. I extend my gratitude to those working tirelessly everyday during this pandemic. We would not have made the recoveries, had the ability to purchase groceries, or order our online purchases if it weren’t for those hard workers that showed up every day for us. Thank you. For those who have stood by their fellow American in the midst of COVID-19, you are admired and respected.


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