The magnitude of damage caused by toxic chemicals in fast fashion is shocking!

There are four distinct pillars hugely affected: Consumers, Garment Workers, the Community living around the manufacturing facilities, and the Environment that we all live in. Regulating this space is complex and varies from country to country. It’s not uncommon for some toxic chemicals to go totally unregulated!⁣ As consumers, we can often feel powerless in this situation but the smallest of actions do play a part. Researching brands before purchasing, buying second hand or vintage, and reducing our overall consumption all help. In an interview with goop, eco-fashion advocate Marci Zaroff said that the worst and most hazardous chemicals are used in conventional textiles, so buying certified GOTS, Cradle to Cradle, and/or OEKO-TEX are the best ways to take action. Another tip she suggests is to encourage our favourite brands and retailers to build chemical reduction strategies, especially in their dyeing and processing supply chains. ⁣

Any other pointers worth raising? We would love to hear our community’s thoughts on this.⁣

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