As the COVID-19 situation unfolds outside, times are more proving testing for millions of restless people sitting at home. In response, many are starting to take on new hobbies, and get creative during quarantine. Whilst being able to stay safely at home and even get bored is a privilege, if you have the time, why not use it to green your wardrobe and organise your way into a more sustainable lifestyle? After all, it’s spring in the northern hemisphere which is traditionally the best time for cleaning.

Here are a few reasons why you should curate your wardrobe during this time:

1. It will make you more mindful of your wardrobe
It’s healthy to do a closet overhaul every once in a while because it helps you see what you have and reconnect with old treasures (yes, we are still talking about clothes).

2. You can limit your consumption of clothing
Being aware of what you own can help you by preventing shopping for duplicates or unnecessary additional items. This also means saving time, money, and, ultimately, the world’s resources.

3. It can shift your focus to longevity
Once you have a curated wardrobe, you can then focus on looking after the pieces of clothing you own, making the best of them for as long as possible. Plus, this new perspective often encourages you to buy more consciously the next time around, looking for items that will last.

4. You can save time and energy in the mornings
A curated wardrobe equals fewer options to drive you crazy with choices when getting dressed (even if you aren’t off anywhere very special right now). You already own the things that work best for you!

Have we convinced you? Great! So, you’ve decided to overhaul your wardrobe – but how should you go about this endeavour? First of all, set out some time. If you’re home working right now, perhaps choose to spend a Saturday morning on this. Then, separate a few materials you’ll need:

Tape measure: Do a thorough job and measure shelving and hanging space. It’ll help you find suitable organisation solutions and not end up with cramped clothing items later.
Full-length mirror: The decluttering process will require some home cat walking on your part. Make sure you have a full mirror that will showcase exactly how an entire outfit works.
Shopping bags: Have a few handy to separate items you’ll donate, sell, take to the dry cleaners, or the tailor.
Catch-all basket: You’ll probably find a few random things inside your pockets and old purses, such as loose change, receipts, or even headbands. Keep a basket at hand for these things, so you don’t have to interrupt your workflow when cleaning!

Now, on to the actual decluttering…the fun stuff. We’ve set out six easy steps for you to follow and make your way into a curated wardrobe.

1. Take everything out of the closet
You’re working towards a complete overhaul, and that means paying attention to every little thing. If possible, lay all pieces of clothing and accessories out so you can see them throughout the decluttering process.

2. Measure your closet space
You want this organisation to stick, so take literal and metaphorical measures to make that happen. Look specifically at what you have in terms of space and figure out what kind of drawers, hangers, or other solutions will work best going forward.

3. Categorise
Categorising is the meaty part of the process and it’s some serious heavy lifting. Create categories for your items, depending on what you want to do with them. The choice is yours, but we suggest something making piles with names like these ‘Keep’, ‘Repurpose’, ‘Sell’ and ‘Donate’.

Take out those tote bags you set out for this purpose and place them accordingly. The idea is to be decisive here, but if you absolutely cannot make your mind about certain things, you can add a “maybe” bag to the mix and revisit it two or three months later. When it comes to those items that you don’t use anymore, there might still be some creative way to extend those garments before the ultimate goodbye. For example repurposing I hugely popular for good reason. Maybe you have some items with prints you love but don’t want to wear anymore, or perhaps a stain nearly ruins the whole piece. Get creative and turn them into something else! The possibilities are as varied as you’d like them to be, from kitchen rags to headbands or even laptop sleeves. There are plenty of sources to find DIY projects out there. Some of our favourites are P.S. I Made This, The Thread Honey, and, of course, Pinterest.

Another option to consider is selling you items. Start by identifying the platforms you feel most at ease with to sell – we recommend Vestiaire, eBay or Depop. And of course, you can always try donating. Before tossing that pair of jeans you only wore once or those boots with the tags still attached, see if you have any family or friends who have had their eye on these items, too? Check directly with them, or maybe on your social media. You might find that someone close has been eyeing something you barely wear anymore. If not, locate nearby donation centres for a drop-off when safe to do so.

And now, make the most of your less cluttered life and extra space!

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