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Dear Sustainable Fashion Community,

First and foremost, we hope that you, your friends and family are all keeping safe. At Red Carpet Green Dress, we are well aware of how unsettling these times are for the entire world. This pandemic affects us all – personally, emotionally, spiritually, financially – as a global community. It is hard to stay positive even under the best of circumstances. That is why we are sharing this message and reaching out to let you know how we’re working, what we’re working on, and what you can expect over the coming weeks.

We hope, and need, for sustainability as a thought process and a lifestyle choice to become the norm. Fast fashion and pushing consumerism has no place in our modern, evolved times. All around us, we have found friends and family asking themselves, ‘What do I really need to live a purposeful life? What makes me content? Do we need to buy a new thing?’.

Now more than ever the conversation about sustainability is even more relevant. As each day of this pandemic progresses dare we say that we are discovering that the only things we need are safety (ours and that of our loved ones), quality time and the ‘essentials’ for our existence. Everything else is a beautiful bonus, to be enjoyed but not in devastating excess. Small, local and slow is beautiful. We need to appreciate the time we have – to make less, live more and respect the earth.

In the fashion industry, the impact of coronavirus COVID-19 is causing far-reaching change. Things will never be the same again. This is not only a tragedy for those who have lost their lives, but a wake up call for all of us who are fortunate enough to remain on the planet. The pandemic is impacting our industry, and many others, most devastatingly. From the front line fields to the most luxury of fashion brands. We have created a resource here on our website to help as much as we can, in the way we know how. In addition we are working on launching a few initiatives which we hope will enable us to do our bit to support those struggling to stay afloat, but also the creatives around the world with neither hope nor inspiration.

Here, in our little hub, you will find useful articles, helpful lists, light hearted pointers for those seeking a little creative inspiration and more. As an organisation we have plans to help our much beloved industry during this challenging time which we will be announcing shortly – sign up here to stay in our green loop.

We remain hopeful that now and going forwards we can pull together and pull each other through.

Suzy & Samata

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