“Red Carpet Green Dress competition opened my eyes to an immense problem that we are all facing today: the tremendous carbon footprint that fashion industry is creating. It is alarming to know that the clothing industry is the second largest polluter in the world, and we all have a responsibility to take the neccesary steps to become greener. As a designer, I always try to think of possible ways to reduce waste and work in a more sustainable manner. Some of the ways I achieve this is through : material selection, efficient production, reusing leftovers fabrics, revamping old pieces, and so on. It is hard to say that I am a 100% sustainable fashion designer, but you can definetly say I am making a conscious effort.

Sustainable fashion to me is an industry responsibility. It is a work in progress from society and producers like myself. To try to be more sustainable within fashion is to create and transform in a conscious way. To design with social and environmental awareness, to keep in mind the product’s life cycle; starting with the production phase, materials being used, materials that can be reused and recycled, transportation, marketing, and the final sale to the consumer. The goal is to minimize the impact in our environment; by reducing waste, making production process efficient and improving work conditions for workers in factories, stores, and any other aspects that fashion influences.”

Venezuelan born, Miami-based designer Valentina Delfino’s flowing blue gown was made from organic silk and peace silk, hand-dyed with mineral dye and lined with recycled polyester from excess waste fabric. Designer Angelo Santos mentored and co-created Valentina’s gown.

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