RCGD Global winner Talia Connelly is in London for her internship experience with leading fashion house Vivienne Westwood. Talia entered the RCGD Global contest earlier this year and secured the prize to be flown over to London and spend time with the fashion house.


Talia Connolley from Rhode Island School of Design secured the RCGD Global prize after writing an essay about sustainable fashion. Talia met with campaign founder Suzy Amis Cameron, Dame Vivienne Westwood and the campaign director Samata at leading London hotel St Martins Lane. The much anticipated meeting and pictures took place to signal the commencement of Talia’s internship with the fashion house; read Talia’s diary entry about her exciting internship experience here.

Located in Covent Garden, St Martins Lane is known for its stylish ethos and contemporary design, however the hotel also has a strong sustainability policy, making it a great fit for the RCGD Global meeting to take place. From recycling to pushing socially responsible initiatives – this includes donating unused soap and toiletries to Clean The World’s soap recycling program and mattresses to charity organizations – the hotel provided the perfect base for the exciting meeting.