We have our winner! Congratulations to Talia Connolley from Rhode Island School of Design for securing the RCGD Global prize to spend time with fashion house Vivienne Westwood in London.


Thank you to ALL of our entrants for your patience in the selection. This took a little longer as the entries were simply too good and the Head of Couture at Westwood herself and the team at Westwood spent time going over each and every single one with so much detail to make sure the right selection was made. It was so hard, that is why it has taken so long. Thank you for your patience. We have an exciting partnership planned with all of our entrants, winners or not, which we will be sharing later this year so this is not the end of anything. However, in the interim, please join us in congratulating Talia for all of her hard work! Talia will join Vivienne Westwood later this year and we will keep you posted on how this develops.

Twelve-thousand years after the first woven cloth was created, Rhode Island School of Design student Talia Connelly was hunched over a wooden 4-harness loom threading her first cotton warp. She caught the “fiber arts” bug in high school after witnessing an indigo dye demonstration given by her chemistry teacher. Stay tuned to find out more about our winner!