What resources should designers who are interested in sustainable fashion design be looking for?

The starting point must be to understand their own ambitions and how best to achieve them, then to look at the ecological, social and cultural as well as economic parameters of these ambitions. The ‘place where we are in the world’ is made up of a web of networks and an understanding of this is complex – good starting points towards deciding their own path are Dr Kate Fletcher’s book Design Journeys, Prof Sandy Black’s book Eco Chic. Take a look at the Centre for Sustainable Fashion’s website under resources to see a reading list and a multitude of other resources.And importantly – to be open to every resource around, not just ones that have labels saying sustainability and remembering that materials, whilst important are not the starting point for sustainability, we as people are the starting point for how we as people can be more in balance with our world.

Do you think sustainable fashion needs a rebrand or is it currently being rebranded?

There are many facets to design for sustainability in fashion – most of the currently branded sustainable fashion focuses on aspects of reducing harm for what we are doing rather than transforming the manifestations of fashion – but this is inevitable as its tricky for businesses to transform – but designers are well placed to look at radical changes – much more of this is possible.

Which sustainable designers do you think are really doing well – in understanding what eco-fashion is and making a name of themselves?

There is a wide spectrum of designers whose work is interesting and challenging – a few names may include Boudicca, Noki, Michelle Lowe Holder, Tender Denim, Dashing Tweeds, Chris Raeburn – have a look at CSF area on i-D magazine called i-Sustain – it will give you many examples.

Your organization has some very global scope as far reaching as Bangladesh and India, could you give us some examples of the very different ways in which sustainability is being approached and interpreted?

Take a look at our Shared Talent India site www.sharedtalentindia.com About the Centre for Sustainable Fashion

The Centre for Sustainable Fashion at London College of Fashion connects research, education and business to support, inspire and create innovative approaches to fashion. The building of an industry that can flourish, communicating positive change throughout supply chains and beyond, impacts radically on the societal and economic triggers that fashion is able to influence. The Centre for Sustainable Fashion provokes, challenges and questions the fashion status quo. Through collaboration the Centre for Sustainable Fashion believes in design transforming solutions that balance ecology, society and culture.